July 11, 2005

"Acoustic Alliance 7" Is Tuesday!

If you want to hear some great original music in a marvelous listening atmosphere, join me Tuesday night for "Acoustic Alliance 7," presented by Cathryn Beeks and Listen Local! I've been to the last three "Acoustic Alliance" showcases and they are tremendous!

The deal is this: four amazingly talented acoustic artists will share the stage during each set and do three of their best songs in the round. The showcase will be at 'Canes in Mission Beach. It's quiet, it's cool and it's only $5 to get in! "Acoustic Alliance" alumni will be admitted free.

First set (7:30): Will Edwards, Bill Farkas, Calman Hart and Mary Dolan
Second set (8:30): Kyler England, Tefflon, Christopher Ewald and Victoria Robertson
Third Set (9:30): Dane Scott, David Beldock, Joe Rathburn and Kelli Rudick

Come to 'Canes to support your favorite singer/songwriter and get to know 11 new ones!

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