August 28, 2005

I Am Up To 115 MySpace Friends!

I haven't mentioned the free networking site lately. I'm still there, though, and still having fun finding people I've met in real life to connect with there! I'm up to 115 friends!

I've now added three famous people to my group who I haven't actually met -- Sir Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett and Willie Nelson -- but only after I watched their profiles for a while to convince myself that if the artists themselves aren't the ones creating them, they are at least being done by people who work with the artists, not some fans pretending to be them.

[NOTE: I warn you! Do not automatically trust everyone you meet on MySpace, or on ANY online service, for that matter!]

Click on to see my personal MySpace profile. You can't go beyond the first page unless you register, though, so you'll only be able to see 8 of my friends. Sign up! It's FREE!

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