September 18, 2005

Mom Left The Hospital On Friday!

My mother got out of the hospital Friday afternoon and is back home and on the road to recovery! Yay! The new pacemaker seems to be doing its job, as she says she is no longer getting the occasional throbbing feeling in her head...
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September 15, 2005

I Created 3 Groups On MySpace

I have created three groups on MySpace. Here are their URLs and the descriptions about them: Before David Matt Green created at the end of 1996, he published an eclectic newsletter named HAROLD from 1985-96. From 1991-96, DMG also was the System...
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September 13, 2005

Mom Is Still In The Hospital

Thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes for my mother, and for all the prayers that have been said for her! Unfortunately, Mom is still in the hospital. We thought she would get out yesterday when her regular doctor came to visit her,...
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September 9, 2005

Please Pray For My Mother!

My 86-year-old mother had a pacemaker installed this morning around 9 a.m. The hospital sent her home at noon. I left her in the house alone only long enough to come out to my office in the garage to check my phone messages and...
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