September 15, 2005

I Created 3 Groups On MySpace

I have created three groups on MySpace. Here are their URLs and the descriptions about them:
Before David Matt Green created at the end of 1996, he published an eclectic newsletter named HAROLD from 1985-96. From 1991-96, DMG also was the System Operator of a one-line ProLine Bulletin Board System named, where many of his friends got their first access to Internet e-mail and newsgroups. Back then, The Harold Network (THN) was a chain of over 30 ProLine BBSs that carried the many Internet newsgroups that were created and hosted at Pro-Harold BBS. One of those newsgroups was THN-Talk, which later morphed into a recently deactivated mailing list called DGA-Link. Here on MySpace, this will be a private place for old Haroldians and former DGA-Link members to communicate.
The Writewood Inn was an online speakeasy for creative sorts, that was hosted in a private room on America Online during 1990-91 by Thom Paine, a screen name of David Matt Green (whose other AOL names then were Shy Cloud and BDGlory). This private group is open to anyone who was a somewhat regular visitor at TWI back in 1990-91.
For men who attended St. Augustine High School in San Diego, California. While this group is not officially associated with the Saints Alumni Association, it is moderated by a member of the Class of '67 who has worked for the association in the past, and who likely will work for them again in the future. In 1986 he edited and designed the first Saints Alumni Directory, which featured a history of Saints that he wrote. He also was the school's Journalism teacher from 1980-84, and he now manages a San Diego Catholic School Alums web site and message forums.

My personal MySpace profile is at:

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