September 9, 2005

Please Pray For My Mother!

My 86-year-old mother had a pacemaker installed this morning around 9 a.m. The hospital sent her home at noon. I left her in the house alone only long enough to come out to my office in the garage to check my phone messages and e-mail. That took 10 minutes tops.

When I went back in the house I found Mom face down on the floor. I turned her over and she was able to communicate some, but I called 911 because she wasn't moving much. They came and took her to the Emergency Room. The hospital people sent her home again around 6 p.m.

Once home, I made her some eggs and potatoes, which she ate. Then she took an antibiotic they gave her this morning and sat for a few minutes. She said she needed to take the rest of her daily medicines, so I helped her out to the kitchen counter.

She stood there working on the meds for only a few minutes, then said she felt weak. I made her sit down on a kitchen stool. Her eyes glazed over and the food she had just eaten all started bubbling slowly back up and out of her mouth.

I called 911 again, and the same crew returned and took her back to the same ER. I followed them over and stayed with her until just a bit ago, when they finally found a room to move her to for the night.

Please, please pray for my mother!

Her monitor numbers seemed good when I left, and she was conscious but exhausted, which pretty much describes me too. I'm going to try to get some sleep.

P.S. -- Thanks so much to all the people from the fire department and in the hospital ER who helped us today! I don't know how you folks can go through this kind of stuff day after day after day!

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