October 24, 2005

Our Host Is Having Problems

Since the middle of last week, this site has been experiencing technical difficulties which have kept us offline at times, through no fault of our own!

Some equipment blew out at our Internet Provider early last Wednesday and they have had major problems getting replacements and making them work! I just got off the phone with them, and sadly the end is not yet in sight! "Latency issues," they said.

If you try unsuccessfully to reach ShyCloud.com over the next few days, please be patient and come back again later. This site will return!

Same thing goes for if you try to send me e-mail and it bounces back to you. Please just try sending it again later. And if you send me something that doesn't bounce, there still might be troubles at my end, so be patient if you don't hear back from me as quickly as usual.

I am extremely sorry about this, as it is making both this site and myself look bad, but we are at the mercy of our host! They better end up giving us a healthy rebate, though, or we will move to a new provider!

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