October 13, 2005

We've Caused 9,126 CDBaby Hits!

ShyCloud.com joined the CDBaby.com partner program more than a year ago. Last Thursday we were the middleman for a sale of Joanie Mendenhall's "Secretary Waltz."

That was only the 15th CD we've sold through ShyCloud.com, but we definitely have brought our friends and acquaintances tons of attention, as so far we've caused 9,126 hits on CDBaby.com!

Following are our CDBaby.com greatest hits. Click on any of the titles to go to the pages for the CDs and listen to samples of the songs.

And if you purchase a CD or two or three, it will help both the artists and ShyCloud.com!

ROB MEHL: just give me the keys380
TODD SCHROEDER: searching341
QUINCY: also known as mary325
RANDI DRISCOLL: what matters319
STAN RIDGWAY: snakebite: blacktop ballads & fugitive songs316
THE TAYLOR HARVEY BAND: a place to call my own282
RANDI DRISCOLL: the play226
HARRIET SCHOCK: american romance208
PATTI ZLAKET: bliss197
GRANT LANGSTON: chinese fire drill186
MICHAEL WESTON KING: a decent man178
TIM P SCOTT: glossolalia172
34BELOW: live at dublin square157
CAROL AMES: shades of indigo155
CORDAY: welcome to my past150
BRIDGET BRIGITTE: where birds meet in the rain150
BERKLEY HART: wreck 'n sow141
JOANIE MENDENHALL: secretary waltz139
EVE SELIS: out on a wire137
BORDER RADIO: americana brand135
ALICIA CHAMPION: annamosity134
EVE SELIS: long road home126
DANIELLE LOPRESTI: dear mr. penis head121
VARIOUS SAN DIEGO ARTISTS: life after debt (the save mikey's project)117
JOE RATHBURN: little suns117
EVE SELIS: do you know me116
TAYLOR HARVEY: no loitering114
GARY SEILER: living on dreams113
HARRIET SCHOCK: live: from fairfax to pasadena111
TUBBY: unpredictable jiggle109
TIM P SCOTT: radio i109
DAVE HOWARD: into the wind104
HARRIET SCHOCK: rosebud104
JOE RATHBURN: rockwells and picassos102
MICHAEL WESTON KING: live...in dinky town99
GEOFF PEARLMAN: anything at all96
GRANT LANGSTON: all this and pecan pie96
JEFFRYE GLENN TVERAAS: cheshire moon96
DEADLINE FRIDAY: wear yourself worn94
JOHN BLAYLOCK: home for the holidays91
PACIFIC CAMERATA: viva la musica!87
BORDER RADIO: lil' songbook85
ALICIA CHAMPION: stories of my soul83
DAVE HOWARD: unbelievable unknown82
GRANT LANGSTON: road side service81
ALICIA CHAMPION: cold wars80
BLUE: stay gold72
BANJERDAN: old stuff44
TIM P SCOTT: jack of shadows43
KIM DIVINCENZO: here and in between40
ADRIANNE: 10,000 stones32
SAUCY MONKY: celebrity trash31
CORDAY: driven29
TAMARAS: ordinary supergirl26
JANE LUI: teargirl26
VARIOUS: schock futures, volume one25
ADRIANNE: for adeline25
LISA SANDERS: life takes you flying24
KAREN GIORGIO: expressions24
THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD: the underground railroad 123
MAY POLE: with love or squalor23
3SUM: perverted pictures22
ERIKA LUCKETT: my little crime22
MARY DOLAN: grow21
CORDAY: kick ash!21
MICHAEL TIERNAN: still listening21
MATT CURRERI: i'm no army20
JULIE WOLF: walk the worn out floor20
LISA SANDERS: isn't life fine20
CAROL AMES: shakedown20
MATT CURRERI: how to play the songs of matt curreri19
LISA SANDERS: lisa sanders live19
KYLER: if the world would just end19
KEVIN WOOD: haven't had enough19
JENNIFER MATTHEWS: blue in, blue out18
KYLER: how many angels?18
ERIKA LUCKETT: the new orleans sessions17
DAVID BOYLES: bedroom demos17
ERIKA LUCKETT: tinted glass16
MATTHEW STEWART: no stone unturned16
KYLER: a flower grows in stone16
JENNIFER MATTHEWS: best of 96-0115
LISA SANDERS: hold on tightly15
MNEMONIC: device15
LINDSEY YUNG: fusion12
9126 total hits

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