November 3, 2005

Indie Music Fest 48 Hours Away!

It's noon on Thursday, which means that the 2nd annual San Diego Indie Music Fest will begin just 48 hours from now, at noon on Saturday, November 5th!

This huge show will go from noon until midnight and will feature over 50 artists on 6 stages at 2 venues on 5th Avenue, The Abbey and Kung Food!

It is open to all ages and costs $20 for an all-day pass, or $17 for students and seniors. Kids 5 and under are free! Order your tickets now at

I was at last year's 1st annual event from about 2:30 p.m. until it ended, and it was Excellent with a capital E! Organizers Danielle LoPresti, Alicia Champion and Kelly Bowen did great work last year, and I expect even greater things this year!

I will be there on Saturday, and I hope to see everyone who reads this there too! If you follow my advice, I promise you will thank me!

Here's some info I received from Danielle:

Say It Records and Champ Records, in conjunction with KPRI 102.1 FM, present

San Diego Indie Music Fest
Saturday, November 5, 2005
12 Noon to 12 Midnight
At The Abbey & Kung Food
(on 5th Avenue between Olive & Quince)

Over FIFTY Artists and Bands!
2 Venues and 6 Stages!
ALL AGES Welcome!
Gorgeous hand-crafted clothing, jewelry, photography, Henna, tile painting, hair braiding, dancing, and all kinds of Cool Indie Folk...

Headliner: VERUCA SALT (Los Angeles)
Hornswaggled (San Diego)
Alfred Howard & The K23 Orchestra (San Diego)
The Weepies (Boston/Los Angeles)
Danielle LoPresti and The Masses (San Diego)
The BellRays (Los Angeles)
Alicia Champion (San Diego)
Anya Marina (San Diego)
Gina René (San Francisco)
Chris Klich Jazz Quartet (San Diego)
Simeon Flick (San Diego)
Emersen (San Diego)
Plastic Explosive (San Diego)
The Laurie Morvan Band (Long Beach)
Something To Burn (Los Angeles)
Saba (San Diego)
Marti Walker (Long Beach)
Amber Rubarth (San Diego)
Switchyard (San Diego)
Jonathan Pointer (Los Angeles)
Jared Barkan (Los Angeles)
Elena (San Diego)
Justin Young (Los Angeles)
The Underground Railroad (Long Beach)
E Reece (Los Angeles)
Holly Light (Long Beach)
Alfonso de la Espriella (San Diego)
Sarah Woolf (Boston)
Anna Troy (San Diego)
Geoff Baker (Los Angeles)
Eric Anders (Los Angeles)
Sarah Green (Long Beach)
Buffy (Los Angeles)
Marklyn (Long Beach)
Grant Langston and The Supermodels (Los Angeles)
Missy (Boston)
Sara Leib (Los Angeles)
Midway (Los Angeles)
Jill Knight (Long Beach)
Middle Earth Ensemble (San Diego)
Michael Tiernen (San Diego)
Camille Bloom (Seattle)
Namoli Brennet (Tucson)
Nadine Zahr (Los Angeles)
Michael Mangia (Los Angeles)
Uncle Jesus (San Diego)
Kimmi (San Diego)
Banda Braza (San Diego)
Purple Stuff (San Diego)
Eveoke Dance Theatre
MCs: Laura Jane, Barbarella & Allison Gill!
Open Jam - last half hour of the event on the Kung Food Main Stage

Review of last year's festival by Bart Mendoza, San Diego CityBeat:

Music fans got a real treat this past week, when the Abbey in Hillcrest was the location for an all day music event, the San Diego Indie Music Fest. Not only were fans treated to a dizzying array of talent across the musical spectrum, but the show was creatively staged in one of the most unique concert venues this city has to offer.

Visually appealing on every level, the use of design elements of the building (a former church) for the three stages was a nice touch, with a balcony in front of stain glassed windows a particularly nice setting for solo acoustic acts. Best of all, there was an enthusiastic crowd from the start with each act setting the bar higher.

Lots of artists stood out. I mean it's hard to go wrong with a line up of over two dozen that includes local and national favorites like Lisa Sanders, Michael Tiernan, Jonatha Brooke, Danielle LoPresti and Erika Luckett. The rest of the bill however was more than up to that standard. Groups like rock and funk group Underground Railroad and pop duo Saucy Monkey kept the musical fare varied, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Likewise the crowd atmosphere was excellent -- this was a gathering that really wanted to hear music. With little down time between acts, it's unique setting, and that impressive talent lineup, this festival looks to be one of the premiere indie music events on San Diego's annual musical calendar, and shouldn't be missed by any music fan.

Review of SD Indie Music Fest by Jonatha Brooke, our 2004 Headliner:

San Diego Indie Music Fest is a landmark event. In the face of the current state of the music industry, these three young women have come together to create a prototype for the present that will grow exponentially with each new year, benefiting not only the artists, but the community wise enough to support and celebrate them. It was an honor to headline the inaugural SDIMF.

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