December 18, 2005

Help Celebrate DMG's Birthday!!!

DMG and Marisa CullenAs many of my friends know, my birthday falls on Christmas Eve. For the last five years I have held birthday parties for myself, and while I always had fun at them, they were a challenge to organize during an already crowded party season, and lots of the people I wanted at them either were out of town, had family commitments, or got sick! Plus, holding them always caused me to miss other parties I would have liked to attend!

Therefore, this year I'm not having a party of my own. Instead, I hereby announce that I plan to attend a public holiday party on Wednesday, December 21, and I invite anyone who would like to help me celebrate my birthday to join me there!

Cathryn Beeks & Sallie HopperThe party will be hosted by Cathryn Beeks and Listen Local along with Tim Flack and Idynomite Media. It will feature music by The Cathryn Beeks Ordeal, Citizen Band, Sweet Tooth and Christopher Dale. I shot this picture of Cathryn and her friend Sallie Hopper (right) during Listen Local's Acoustic Alliance 3 showcase in February.

The Listen Local party will take place from 7:00-11:00 p.m. this Wednesday night at Canes Bar and Grill in Mission Beach. There will be a $6 cover charge.

Spinster SistersTwo nights later, on Friday, December 23, I will be at the Spinster Recordings holiday party, featuring two of that company's trio of artists, Saba and Steph Johnson, plus a number of guests. The third Spinster, Joanie Mendenhall, will be in New York. I shot this photo of (from left) Joanie, Saba and Steph back in January at the former Java Joe's Pub.

That party will be at Lestat's West in my old childhood stomping grounds, Normal Heights. It is by invitation-only, though, so if you aren't already on the Spinster guest list, I can't ask you to join me there too.

On Christmas Eve itself, my long-time best friend Marisa Cullen and I plan to celebrate both my birthday and Christmas for the 9th-straight year with our traditional party-for-two at her place, featuring dinner, gifts and maybe a holiday movie. The picture of Marsi and I at the top of this article was taken during my 2003 birthday party.

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