December 5, 2005

Lindsey Yung, Marina V At Lestat's

Lindsey YungMy friend Lindsey Yung will be appearing at Lestat's West in Normal Heights this Wednesday night, December 7th. The show starts at 9 p.m. and there will be a $5 cover charge. I shot the top picture of Lindsey in October during her birthday concert at Canes.

Also appearing will be Marina V and Jason Turtle. I've never seen Jason perform, but I shot the lower picture of Marina when she played at Border's in Mission Valley in October.

Marina VMost Americans think of December 7 as Pearl Harbor Day, but I think of it as The Day I Didn't Get Drafted!

I had lost my Student Deferment back in 1971 when I began a fifth year of college at SDSU, because students were only eligible for four years of deferment.

In October or November of '71 I received a notice to report for induction into the Army on December 7th, but since I had already started a semester before they notified me, I requested permission to wait until that semester was over before I reported.

The Draft Board said that would be okay, but before they called me again, President Nixon declared that it was finally time to bring our soldiers back from Vietnam, and that the country wouldn't be drafting anyone else!

Thus, I never did have to go in the Army, so I like to celebrate a little every December 7th, and this year I'm going to do that by seeing a great show at Lestat's!

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