February 2, 2006

View DMG's Videos & Photos!!!

Since 1995 I have been taking pictures and shooting video of various singers and bands at numerous venues around San Diego County.

I've decided it's about time I start letting more people see those pictures and videos, so I am working on places to display them on the net.

The videos are moving along fastest, as over the last week or so I have built a page with Apple's .Mac services and so far I have created and posted 12 Quicktime videos, featuring Jeffrye Tveraas, Gary Hyde, "La Jolla DNA," Jeff Berkley, Randi Driscoll, Dave Howard, Eve Selis, Joe Rathburn, Mattie Mills, Bettina "Pixie" Warren, Kim DiVincenzo, and Lindsey Yung!

The videos are at:

The files run between 5-10 MB each, so give them time to load! Broadband access recommended!!!

I still have 100s of hours of videos to scan through in search of good clips, so I will be adding new ones as I locate them.

The photo gallery is still in the very early stages of development, but so far I have succeeded in posting one sample album. You are welcome to check out the gallery, but remember that it will keep changing often until I finish developing the look and feel I want for it.

The photo gallery is at:

If you have problems with either the videos or the photo gallery, please send me an e-mail about your trouble, so I can investigate.


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