March 6, 2006

DMG Named Link Of The Week!

Many thanks and much love to the wonderful Cathryn Beeks for honoring me today as her Link of the Week at her fabulous Listen Local web site! She says, "Tireless and talented as all get out, David Matt Green, aka Shycloud, has been shooting San Diego music since 1995. Check out his Videos and photo galleries and say hello next time you see him at a show!"

By the way, I am finally making the transition from a lifetime of shooting film to a digital SLR, so I'd also like to thank Tim Flack of Idynomite Media for loaning me a Nikon D70 body to use while I get my digital feet wet and until I decide what to buy for myself! Tim also is part of the Listen Local crew, which leads me to say:

Listen Local been berry berry good to me!

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