April 12, 2006

DMG Is In "Anything For The Shot!"

I have been invited by Tim Flack, Cathryn Beeks and Erica Mantone to be one of six photographers featured during "Anything For The Shot! Images and Sounds of San Diego Music," a local music photography gallery and live concert featuring 18 performers!

Presented by Idynomite Media and ListenLocalSD.com, the extravaganza will begin at noon and go until 9 p.m. on Saturday, May 13th, at Acoustic Expressions in North Park. Tickets for the all-ages show will be $8. Beer and wine will be available.

The show will feature a big screen projection of the photography of John Baldi, Steve Covault, Gail Donnelly, Tim Flack, David Matt Green and Tom Walko. Each photographer also will have a table with a laptop showing a slide show, as well as several enlargements that will be provided by George's Camera.

The music will feature sets beginning every half hour from Robin Henkel, Audrey Surface, Sven-Erik Seaholm, Victoria Robertson, Derren Raser, Barbara Nesbitt, Bart Mendoza, Joe Rathburn, Pete Thurston, Peter Bolland, Lisa Sanders, Christopher Dale, Berkley Hart, Michael Tiernan, Lindsey Yung, Simeon Flick, Jane Lui, and Gregory Page.

This giant event WILL ROCK! Don't miss it! Mark your calendars now! I will post more information here as the day approaches.

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