May 4, 2006

"Anything For The Shot!" Is May 13

Greetings and apologies to all of my friends who have wondered why I haven't been answering your e-mails lately!

I have been really, really, REALLY busy getting ready for "Anything For The Shot! Images and Sounds of San Diego Music" on May 13th!

I have been choosing photos for 5-6 enlargements, narrowing about 10,000 photos down to 120 for a 10-minute slide show that will be projected on a wall, choosing about 400-500 shots for another slide show that will be showing continuously on my laptop computer at my own display space, and also planning and trying to acquire items to create that space! By the way, anyone have a couple of large easels I could borrow on May 13th?

I also need to get new business cards and maybe a postcard-sized card, while trying to find some time to improve my still much-undeveloped (intentional photo pun) photo gallery, which you can see at

I hope to see many of you at "Anything For The Shot!" It will be a great day of photography and music, and especially a great day for me that I hope to share with many of my friends!

Here is a press release that was written by Erica Mantone:

Images and Sounds of San Diego Music"

A local music photography gallery and live concert featuring the photography of John Baldi, Steve Covault, Gail Donnelly, Tim Flack, David Matt Green and Tom Walko, with various performances by San Diego’s best local artists.

"Anything for the Shot!"
Acoustic Expressions
2852 University Ave.
North Park
Saturday, May 13
12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Tickets are $8.00
All ages

Idynomite Media, in association with Listen Local San Diego, is proud to host "Anything For The Shot!" Saturday May 13 at at Acoustic Expressions in North Park. Six of San Diego’s music photographers will be displaying their work in a gallery setting, while 18 San Diego music artists featured in the photography will be performing 30 minute sets.

The concept for "Anything for the Shot!" was developed by Tim Flack, one of the participating photographers and owner of Idynomite Media. Noticing the surge of great music in the San Diego scene, and the photographers who give the musicians exposure via the camera, he wanted to give his fellow music photographers as well as himself the opportunity to display their work while celebrating with many of the musicians he and others have worked hard to capture. The photographers will display their work on digital displays and hard copy prints in various forms available for sale.

The photographers featured at the "Anything for the Shot!" gallery come from strong artistic backgrounds that are incredibly diverse and expansive. Yet they all have a common theme of being avid fans of local music who enjoy creating memories of stellar stage moments through their own instrument, the camera.

John Baldi has photographed any and all musicians that live in or pass through San Diego … and then some. His work is most notably seen in SLAMM magazine, San Diego CityBeat, San Diego Reader and SDAM. John focuses his work specifically on performing musicians. His love for the unknown in any given venue and more importantly, the expression of the performer, has given him the accolade of being one of San Diego’s most noted photographers.

Steve Covault’s work is most markedly seen in the San Diego Troubadour and San Diego Reader capturing the music scene. He spreads his talent and diversity by working with fashion, glamour, food and animal photography as well. For Steve, photography allows him to balance the technical, analytical requirements with the creative talents to get just the right shot. Fortunately, that ability comes naturally to Steve as will be evident on May 13.

Gail Donnelly first started shooting in her home town of Chicago. Her love of the way light reshapes things in a constant motion is what eventually took her from drawing to photography. People are her favorite subject. She says, “I find catching a single glimpse of what might otherwise have been missed, very rewarding. The intangible excitement of capturing light as it reflects in just the right way, creates a visual moment that is yours for the taking. The challenge of bringing something out of my mind’s eye for others to see is what makes me happiest.”

Tim Flack, owner and operator of Idynomite Media, has quickly become one of the most in-demand photographers in the San Diego music scene. Tim’s work can be seen in website design, photography and video for bands and solo artists such as Divided By Zero, 3aginst1, Transfer, The Cathryn Beeks Ordeal, Christopher Dale, the list goes on. As his website,, states: “Image is the doorway we walk through before the discovery of substance.” Tim Flack ensures that the image is one you will not forget.

David Matt Green is a journalist, editor, publisher, photographer and webmaster for his website, His diverse career has allowed him to find expression via many avenues. He specializes in candid event photography but has also worked with many theatre productions, professional auto races, and musicians such as Patti Zlacket, Eve Selis and Dave Howard.

Tom Walko has been taking photographs of the world's renowned musicians for more than 25 years. Some of the great artists include John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and Jethro Tull. Tom has a simple vision: to promote artists for the betterment of the music industry. He has combined his love for music and photography into a career that will allow any fan of music to enjoy it for years to come.

Celebrating the gallery opening will be many of the singer/songwriters that are featured in the photographs. The performers range from local legends to up and comers. Any and all are a guaranteed great performance. The sets are as follows:

12:00: Robin Henkel
12:30: Audrey Surface
1:00: Sven-Erik Seaholm
1:30: Victoria Robertson
2:00: Derren Raser
2:30: Barbara Nesbitt
3:00: Bart Mendoza
3:30: Joe Rathburn
4:00: Pete Thurston
4:30: Michael Tiernan
5:00: Lisa Sanders
5:30: Christopher Dale
6:00: Berkley Hart
6:30: Gregory Page
7:00: Lindsey Yung
7:30: Simeon Flick
8:00: Jane Lui
8:30: Peter Bolland

Idynomite Media and Listen Local San Diego, along with sponsors Acoustic Expressions and George's Camera and Video Exchange, are proud to be hosting "Anything for the Shot!" Listen Local was established for San Diego music lovers to get out and listen to the diverse and expansive music being created in the area. The Listen Local SD sponsors work hard to do the same. Idynomite Media, headed by Tim Flack, provides web design, videography, podcasts and photography to all the San Diego musicians. Acoustic Expressions supplies San Diego with any and all instrumental needs. Acoustic Expressions also provides a great venue to the music and arts community. George's Camera and Video Exchange is San Diego’s largest full-service discount camera store. Locally owned and operated, they have been serving San Diego since 1965.

For information or interviews, please contact Cathryn Beeks at or 858-353-5317.

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