September 15, 2006

DMG's Favorite Photographs

My profile on includes a section titled "David Matt Green's Favorite Photos." It features 6 of my favorite recent pictures, along with one shot I took in 1978. Here are my current choices.

Chelsea Flor and Joline

Chelsea Flor and Queen Joline on a secluded beach

Lindsey Yung

Lindsey Yung at Lestat's West with Gar and Blake

Kim DiVine, Chelsea Flor and Lindsey Yung

Kim and Lindsey point out their buttons on Chelsea

Chelsea Flor at 4th & B

Chelsea Flor and Billy Fritz making 4th & B debut

Peaceful Warrior Position

Six of this seven pass a "Peaceful Warrior" test

Peaceful Warrior Party

Jane Lui's new curly look around 2 a.m. at Denny's

PSA Plane Crash

My biggest story as a reporter was 1978's PSA crash

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