July 24, 2007

Quite A Few Galleries In Progress

I haven't added any new public photo galleries since early April, because I've been too busy shooting pictures to spend much time editing them.

I have built quite a few galleries that have been partially edited, though, and this week I will be working to finish them and then add them to the index page for DMG's Gallery.

Here are links for some of the galleries in progress:

Indie By Design @ Humphrey's (04-25-07)

Chelsea Flor & Doktor Dave Sawyer (04-25-07)

Listen Local Mixer @ Desi's (05-15-07)

Brenda Xu @ Turquoise Coffee (05-24-07)

Brenda, Renata & Michael @ Vinbladh's (05-31-07)

Brenda Xu's CD Release (06-10-07)

Metro @ Humphrey's (06-13-07)

Brenda, Lindsey & Ivan @ Vinbladh's (06-26-07)

Listen Local Music Mixer (07-10-07)

Sheila Sondergard's CD Release (07-11-07)

Jane Lui & Greg Friedman (07-20-07)

Listen Local Company Picnic 1 (07-21-07)

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