August 7, 2007

Happy Birthday To Happy Ron!

Happy Birthday to one of the swingingest guys I know, Happy Ron Hill -- aka The Happy Man! I shot this photo of Ron at the Listen Local Company Picnic.

Here is a bulletin he posted to his friends on MySpace:


Plans for my birthday show are moving forward. Itís going to be Tuesday, August 7, at Desi 'n' Friends in Point Loma (2734 Lytton St., San Diego, California 92110) from 8 p.m. to midnight. Their phone number is 619-224-6409.

The theme this year is "ONE DEGREE OF HAPPINESS SEPARATION," the idea being to get together many diverse people from various aspects of my life and put them all in the same place, so you can know the many musical and people-cal influences that go into making me the Happy Man that I am.

Hopefully it will be lots of people who donít know each other but can learn from each other musically and otherwise, as I have learned from all of you.

I shall also be releasing "Happy Ron Ė The CD" (VERSION 0.5). This will be the very first Happy Ron Entertainment Product where most of it is actually sung in tune!

Rumor is that there will be many Happy Ron song covers once again, like last year.

8:00 - Ken Rahn
8:15 - Jessie Bowen
8:25 - Eight Minutes To Twilight (solo)
8:35 - Adam Jones
8:45 - Rob Deez
9:00 - Cat And Matt
9:15 - Cory Wilkins
9:30 - Whitton (has to be 9 or later)
9:45 - The Dunks (9:30 or later)
10:00 - Free Air
10:15 - Christoper Cole and Co
10:30 - Happy Ron
11:15 - The Bigfellas

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