August 5, 2007

Molly Wants To Be On "Ellen"

Molly Jenson, a singer/songwriter I know who seems to be a pretty sweet person, has set a goal of appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this year.

I offered to videotape a concert Molly gave on July 27 at Lestat's, so she could dedicate a song to Ellen and send it to her.

Here are two videos from that wonderful night. The first one is Molly's song to Ellen, and the second features Molly with her friend Jon Foreman of Switchfoot.

Molly Jenson's Song to Ellen DeGeneres
Molly Jenson and Jon Foreman

I shot the photo above of Molly and Jon while I also was videotaping them. Note the birthday decorations. Molly arrived early at Lestat's to put those up for her drummer Darla Hawn, after spending the afternoon baking cupcakes for everyone!

Did I mention that Molly seems sweet?

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