October 10, 2007

Brenda Xu At Torrey Pines Photos

For various reasons, I hadn't done a real portrait photo shoot since the '90s. On September 29th that changed, when my lovely and talented singer/songrwriter friend Brenda Xu and I went to Torrey Pines at 7 a.m. with her guitar and my camera.

Brenda turned out to be a very natural model, and we worked quite well together, almost wordlessly. Click here to see the photos: Brenda Xu At Torrey Pines

The 29th was Brenda's birthday too, and I wished her a happy one as soon as I saw her that morning, but here's a belated public "Happy Birthday Brenda!"

After leaving Torrey Pines, we headed to Turquoise Coffee, where Brenda played a brunch set in the round with Brenda Panneton. You can see my photos here: Brenda Xu and Brenda Panneton

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