October 21, 2007

DMG Has Letter In U-T Sports

I have a letter to the editor on Page 2 of today's Union-Tribune Sports section. They changed a few words and dropped my last paragraph, but that's cool. Here's what I sent them:

As the Colorado Rockies wait for their first visit to the World Series to begin next week, I'm tired of hearing about how sad it is that Trevor Hoffman blew the playoff game between the Padres and the Rockies.

In my opinion, the Padres failed to reach the playoffs not because of that one loss, but because of two season-long problems: they couldn't stop other teams from stealing bases and they didn't drive in enough runs themselves.

I just checked the stats for the season, and the Padres gave up 189 stolen bases, which was 53 more than the second worst total of 136 by the Yankees! They threw out only 20 of the 209 men who attempted to steal. The second worst total was 46 by the Indians.

I have to believe that if the Padres had thrown out even five or ten more base stealers, they would have won at least one more game and then there wouldn't have been a playoff in Colorado.

As for runs scored, only four teams in the Major Leagues scored fewer runs than the Padres. Again, I have to believe that if they had scored even five or ten more runs, they would have won at least one more game.

Trevor didn't cost the Padres their chance to go to the playoffs. In my opinion, the blame for that goes solely to the powers in charge of the team who never addressed all the stolen bases or lack of runs scored.

Let's hope something is done to improve the Padres in those areas for 2008, because if nothing changes for the better, I expect the Padres to also watch next year's playoffs and World Series at home on their big-screen TVs.

David Matt Green
Allied Gardens

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