October 29, 2007

Fierce-Looking Bug Invades DMG

I found this fierce-looking creature on the floor of the home office in my garage during last week's San Diego wildfires. I had never seen one like it in my life, so I did a little research and learned it is called both Jerusalem Cricket and Potato Bug.

The thing was about an inch and a half long -- that's a quarter with it. I caught it by dropping a glass over it, then sliding a piece of cardboard under it. I then transferred it into a jar.

After taking quite a few pictures, including this one of it looking mighty unhappy with me, I took it to a spot near the San Diego River and released it. As angry as it appeared to be, I wasn't about to set it free anywhere near where I live and give it a chance to seek revenge on me.

A web site called "What's That Bug?" has a page about the creatures, with several pictures of rather mild-looking versions of it. I sent them this photo, but they haven't added it so far. To see the page, Click Here.

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