October 18, 2007

Photos From Asian Film Festival

Question: What former star of "21 Jump Street" was spotted in the lobby of last weekend's San Diego Asian Film Festival with a gorgeous female singer?

Answer: Dustin Nguyen, who had his photo taken with Joanie Mendenhall by yours truly.

The picture happened because I was at the Festival to photograph Joanie and Brenda Xu, who played sets in the lobby. Joanie had reported a sighting of Dustin, so I made myself her personal paparazzo, assigned to get a shot of her with him. After Joanie's set, I spotted Dustin near the restrooms and asked him to pose with Joanie, which he graciously did.

You can see the rest of my photos from the Festival here: San Diego Asian Film Festival

By the way, I used that question to open with because I had told Joanie that was the caption I would use if I tried to sell the picture to the "National Enquirer." Since I'm not going to do that, though, I figured I'd use the line here.

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