November 13, 2007

Photos, Poetry, Fire & Swords!

Murrugan Swallows FireOn Saturday I was part of a little show at Lestat's West called "A Day and Night of Art & Poetry," which the organizers are hoping to turn into at least a bi-monthly event.

This wasn't your dear old grandmother's dainty art and poetry show, however, as it also featured Murrugun the Mystic, who ate fire, swallowed swords, pierced his arm with a sharp wire, and offered audience members the opportunity to staple one-dollar bills to his abdomen, five-dollar bills to his nipples, and twenty-dollar bills to his forehead! I shot these pictures during his performance.

Murrugan Swallows 3 SwordsYes, a bunch of music photographers and some artists did display our work around the room, and yes, another bunch of poets did read their words to a poet-filled audience, but somehow none of that was nearly as exciting as Murrugun!

It all was pretty darn cool, though, and tons of fun!

Thanks to my friends Lou Brazier and Jason Nielsen of Lestat's for honoring me by inviting me to participate in the very first show! Thanks also to Billy Brazier and Jason Neese, the founders of a poetry journal and small indie publisher called "Kill Poet," who co-sponsored the event with Lestat's!

DMG's Display AreaThe music photographers on display were Louis Brazier, Photoboy Jason, Steve Covault, David Matt Green (that's my setup in the bottom picture) and Kelly Wood.

The artists were Nezzy Nation and Angela Patua.

Those who read their poetry included Aurora, Chesalie, Cat, J(Syn), Miss Florence and WjB.

I have created a gallery of pictures that I shot during the day. To see an index of my photos, click below. To view the photos as a mini-movie of the day and night, click on the first picture, then click on the Start Slide Show button.

"A Day and Night of Art & Poetry"

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