January 19, 2008

DMG Is A Member Of Meetup.com

Today is the second anniversary of me joining Meetup.com in 2006, so I think it's time that I say something about this excellent web site and the more than 40,000 groups it hosts on over 3,500 topics! Their motto is: "Whatever your interest. Wherever you are."

During the last two years I have attended many Meetups and met dozens and dozens of nice friendly people! I highly recommend Meetup.com as a way of connecting with people who share your interests.

I originally joined Meetup.com to become a member of the San Diego Photography Meetup Group, which is organized by Dan Chusid. Eventually Dan made me an Assistant Organizer, and later he gave me the title "Music & Image Scout." You can see my profile for that group here: DMG's Photography Profile.

I also am an Assistant Organizer for the Arthouse Independent Movie Meetup Group, and I'm in several other groups as well, but I haven't attended any of their events yet. You can see a list of all the Meetups I belong to at: DMG's Meetup.com Profile.

Hope to see YOU at a Meetup soon!

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