February 29, 2008

Where Has DMG Been In 2008?

Since it will be March tomorrow and I have posted here only once since December, I thought it might be a good idea to announce that I am still alive, but just haven't felt like writing much so far in 2008.

I have been taking lots of pictures, though, and I am working on a bunch of galleries from the last three months that will go up soon here on ShyCloud.com. Subject matter includes:

Marie Haddad and Allied Gardens at Humphrey's

Acoustic Alliance 20 at Brick By Brick

Chelsea Flor at Winston's

Jane Lui, Jay Nash and Joey Ryan at Lestat's

Jane Baek at Cafe Loma

POP Thursday at Museum of Photographic Arts

Archival shots of "The Pillowman" at Ion Theatre

Brenda Xu and her band at Dublin Square

"Sweet Charity" rehearsals at Coronado Playhouse

Brenda Xu at Lestat's

Saba and Joanie Mendenhall at Ould Sod

San Diego Photography Meetup Holiday Dinner

Stay tuned for these galleries and more!

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