March 24, 2008

"Return To Dwight And Nile"

Boston filmmaker David Fresina will be in San Diego from late Friday night until Tuesday afternoon, to do pre-production work on his film, "Return to Dwight and Nile," a documentary about the Pacific Southwest Airlines plane crash that killed 144 people in North Park on September 25, 1978.

I was there that day, as a reporter/photographer for the Southern Cross Catholic newspaper, and I shot this photo, which is posted in several places on the Internet. Dave found it and contacted me, and I've been helping him connect with others who were there.

Following is Dave's proposal for the film. If you also were involved with the crash in some way and would like to meet with Dave while he is here, please click on his name above to send him an e-mail. Actual filming will take place in September, around the time of the 30th anniversary of what was then the worst air disaster in American history.


January 25, 2008

Dave Fresina
Hull, MA

NANTASCOT FILMS is an independent production company specializing in short films and documentaries.

SUBJECT: Documentary Film about the 1978 PSA Crash in San Diego


WORKING TITLE: "Return to Dwight and Nile"


PROPOSED LENGTH: Approx 80 minutes

STATUS: In pre-production

ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY: Proposed principal locations will include San Diego International Airport, San Diego Aerospace Museum, the crash site in North Park at Dwight and Nile, St. Augustine High School, various locations in and around San Diego.

Interviews and subjects will include those who witnessed the crash, those who were at the crash site, reporters, photographers, fire/rescue/police, relatives of the crash victims, residents in and around the crash site, PSA employees, FAA/NTSB officials, city officials.

As we approach the 30th anniversary of the disaster, this documentary will serve as a memory of the tragedy, using photos, archival and current film footage, and interviews with persons who were there to witness the event unfold.

The crash of PSA 182 is not only a major part of San Diego and California history, but it is also an important part of aviation history, photo journalism, and American history as it was the worst airplane crash in the USA at the time.

The project is still in the pre-production/research phase as I am seeking persons who are willing to tell their story on film and to return to the crash site on the anniversary in September 2008.

I am also seeking access to the various locations mentioned above as well as archival film footage, photos and perhaps the whereabouts of the remaining wreckage.

ABOUT THE FILMMAKER: David Fresina was born and raised in Abington, MA, about 17 miles south of Boston. He currently resides in Hull, MA.

EDUCATION: Massasoit Community College (1990-1992), Bridgewater State College (Sociology, Communications 1992-1994).

FILM/WRITING/ARTIST: Author of 10 screenplays. Writer, Director, Producer
of several short films both based on his original screenplays �Monster� (2000) and �Oceanside�(2002).

Producer and Principal Photographer for the short film �Seven�s Gate,� which won Best Comedy Short from the American Film Institute (1996).

Writer, Editor, Publisher �The Video Spectator,� a film and video newsletter (1993-1995).

Tri County Fair Duxbury, MA (1985) �Best Overall� Sculpture Category (Clay House). Model House Builder/Rock Sculptor (1995-present).

CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION: �Needle and Thread� a documentary about a local female artist who has pioneered a new genre in Women�s art.

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