July 17, 2008

Music Scene Loses Another Brother

Still reeling from the death of Craig Yerkes, the San Diego Music Scene lost yet another brother Wednesday, with the passing of poet and photographer Billy Brazier, the younger sibling of Louis Brazier of Lestat's Coffee House.

I learned this news a few hours ago from a bulletin posted on MySpace by Kill Poet Press, which was co-run by Billy and a partner. Comments posted there in the hours since have expressed sadness at the news.

I went to grade school and college with Billy's and Lou's aunt Linda, and I first saw the brothers way back in 1975 when they were two of Fagin's Boys for a production of "Oliver!" that I photographed. Their sister Theresa also was in that show.

My heart goes out to all the family members, and also to everyone in the local music scene who are about to be hit with more sadness.

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