August 26, 2008

DMG Photo In "A Piece of the Sky"

One of the photographs I took on September 25, 1978, at the PSA crash site is a tiny part of an excellent new documentery about the 80-year history of San Diego International Airport.

The picture is featured during a short segment about the tragedy. I think my name in the credits at the end actually stays on the screen longer than my picture does, but hey, my photo now will live on as long as the documentary does! That's pretty cool!

Below is some information I found about the film on the airport's web site. It was shown on KNSD TV on Sunday night, will appear four times on Cox Channel 4 after Padres games, and is currently available for free viewing on the Cox Video On Demand channel in their Freezone under Features.

"A Piece of the Sky: San Diego and its Airport " airs on NBC 7/39 at 6:30 p.m. on August 24. The 30-minute documentary highlights significant events in the history of the airport and the region, showing how each has benefited from the other's evolution and change. With rare historical footage of the airport and the city from as early as 1883, dramatic modern photography, and interviews with a 17-year airport veteran, key business and civic leaders and travelers. The documentary is also scheduled to air on COX Channel 4 from August 31 to September 28. It will air four times, following the San Diego Padres games on August 31 and September 7, 14, and 21. It will also be available on COX Video on Demand beginning August 25.
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