September 30, 2008

182 Memorial At Dwight And Nile

Dwight and NileOne question people always ask about the 1978 PSA plane crash in North Park is:

"Why isn't there a memorial plaque or something at the site?"

I tell them there is a plaque and a tree at the North Park Library several blocks away, but that answer seldom pleases anyone.

Sunday night I had an idea for a possible memorial that wouldn't cost much money, and might be easy to get cleared by the city.

1) Right now it is a 2-way Stop. Add 2 more poles and Stop signs and make it a 4-way Stop.

2) Paint crosswalks across all 4 sides.

3) Add 4 signs beneath the Stop signs that say:

PSA Flight 182

4) This one is optional: Paint 182 either in the lines of the crosswalks, or in the center of the intersection.

All of that would bring everyone who passes through Dwight and Nile to a slight stop, sort of like a moment of silence, for the 144 people whose lives stopped there.

It also would slow down people who pass through there and thus make it a safer intersection.

My only worry is that people would steal the special 182 signs from under the Stop signs.

I e-mailed my idea to a lawyer I met while we were filming at the site. He has lived just south of Dwight since 2000. Here is his reply:

I like the stop sign idea because we could use it. My wife suggested that we get the city to fix the corners for disabled access, like they've been doing around here, and stick a stamp in the cement. Double duty.
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