October 27, 2008

SD Bloggers Meetup Is 1 Year Old

At the beginning of 2008 I wrote about being a member of Meetup.com. At that time I was active in the San Diego Photography Meetup Group and the Arthouse Movies Meetup Group, and had become an Assistant Organizer in both of them.

I had joined several other groups as well, but I hadn't attended any of their events yet. In February, though, I went to my first gathering of a young Meetup group called SD Bloggers, where I met a lot of people who are much hipper to the tech scene than I am.

I attended about five of their monthly meetings, then I got busy being Associate Producer for Dave Fresina's documentary film, "Return to Dwight and Nile: The Story of PSA Flight 182," but Dave is back in Boston now editing that and I'm once again trying to improve ShyCloud.com and my blog.

So I'm ready to reappear at an SD Bloggers Meetup, and luckily for me they will celebrate their first anniversary tomorrow night, October 28, with a big party at Modus Supper Club! I'm planning to be there, and I'm looking forward to seeing the people I already know again, as well as meeting a ton of new bloggers. It should be a grand time!

I'm hoping I'll meet some bloggers who use Movable Type, as I recently upgraded this system to the latest version, but I haven't learned to make it work yet.

[NOTE: You can see a list of all the Meetups I belong to at: DMG's Meetup.com Profile]

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